Scouts Australia Youth Program Review


The Youth Program Review is on an adventurous journey.

Since 2013, the YPR has had a clear focus. Ongoing work has been to define how Scouting can deliver a fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive youth program, that is based on the fundamentals of Scouting, designed to meet the needs of young people in 21st century Australia. Through extensive consultation on a variety of topics, the YPR is shaping what the future of Scouting could look like.

The work so far has been on developing a “one program” approach that is a continuous and consistent journey through Scouting, from our youngest section to the oldest. We’ve taken a refreshed look at the personal development journey that Scouts will experience, and how we can ensure that participation in the Scouting program will ensure they become responsible citizens as members of their local, national and international communities.

A Review of this magnitude is ongoing. Observing, consulting, researching and trailing is expected to continue into 2018. Following that will be a period of exciting change for Scout Groups across the country. Scouts will begin to engage practically with a new youth program, and will be challenged by the new opportunities for personal development.

Join and contribute to the journey as the Youth Program Review “imagines the possibilities” of building on the strengths and traditions of Scouting to create a dynamic and innovative 21st century program! 

The Adventure Begins

in 2018

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