The Teams – Who’s Leading the Way?

A review of this size will engage a lot of different people, during the different phases of the review. The key teams include:

Coordinating Team

The Youth Program Review Coordinating Team is an intergenerational team who have been working together since the beginning of the review in 2013, adding new members with new perspectives or skills as needed. The Coordinating Team has 78% of its members under 30 (7 of the 9) which consists mainly of volunteers, but some are paid employees of Scouts Australia providing professional support to the Review team. The team’s Scouting experience is diverse, with experience and knowledge covering all sections in varying levels of the organisation. On the team are active Leaders with the experience of  adults with Wood Badges in the Cub, Scout and Venturer and Rover Scout sections. These Scouts bring a combination of learnings through more recent training systems, while some completed their training many years ago. Whilst also being Adults in Scouting, there’s a member who also has their own children actively involved in local Groups. On the Team are two active youth members of the Venturer and Rover Sections as well!

Previous or current positions that team members have held are as the Branch Commissioner for Joey Scouts, an ex Chair of the National Youth Council, appointees of the National Training Team, members of Unit and Crew Executives, members of Asia Pacific Subcommittees, District Leaders, experience as Jamboree Troop Leaders, Jamboree and major event positions, and management of international contingents and Scout centres.

Away from Scouting, the dynamic group brings education, community engagement, project management, and marketing and communications experience from their professions and studies.



National Commissioner Transformation John Clarke
National Project Commissioner – YPR Steve Tyas
YPR Coordinating Team Member Chris Neilsen
National Commissioner – Youth Program Peter Fowler
YPR Coordinating Team Member Dylan Hunt
Program Support Team Leader Emma Watson
YPR Communications Luke McIvor
YPR Coordinating Team Member Patrick Denny
Program Support Team Member Tom Bettison
Program Support Team Member Clair Udy

National Youth Program Team

Acting as mentors to the various teams and as the key network across the country.

Australian Capital Territory Paul Janssens
New South Wales Randall Jones, Clair Udy
Northern Territory Angela Kane
Queensland Peter Blatch
South Australia Chris Wise
Tasmania Julie Creed
Victoria Lachlan Preston, Michael Thomas
Western Australia Ayden Mackenzie
National Commissioner – Youth Empowerment Elodie Prinsloo
Assistant National Commissioner – Youth Program Nathan Leivesley, Johnathan Morey

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