Stage One – The Defining Questions

  1. What are the burning issues that the members of Scouts Australia believe must be covered in the YPR?
    • This question is complete.
    • Read the report from this question in our Outcomes tab
    • This report is simply a summary of the feedback we received. It is not a set of recommendations about the future of Scouting.
  2. Why do kids leave Scouting?
    • This question is complete and a final report is being prepared.
  3. Describe our target market.
    • This question is complete and a final report is being prepared.
  4. In twenty-first century Australia, what should be the Mission, Aim, Principles & Methods of Scouts Australia?
  5. What Promise & Law should the members of Scouting live by in 2020?

Stage Two – Scouting Today & The Needs of our Community

November 2013 till June 2014
YPR Cards

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of National Scout Organisations with a similar society?
  2. What does the Australian community think of Scouting and where do they think we should be heading?
  3. A snapshot of Australian youth, their desires, needs and predictions for the future.
  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of other successful youth organisations and activities?

Contributing to the answers for 2 and 3, is the outsourced research work available here.

Stage Three – Creating One Program

July 2014 – February 2015

This stage of the review started with the “Big Picture” fundamental requirements of a successful youth program.

Eight intergenerational teams researched and prepared recommendations on eight important areas of a future youth program. Their key questions are below, and you can obtain a deeper understanding of those questions by downloading the attached document.

  • What should be the fundamentals of Scouting in 21st Century Australia?
  • The Areas of Personal Growth (AoPG) – the key skills we develop in young people to develop character. What are the AoPG in 21st Century Australia and how do we develop these skills in our youth members?
  • The Scout Method – how we implement our program. How do we adapt the Method (as prescribed by WOSM) to meet the needs of our community?
  • Leadership for all. How do we create a developmental model of leadership for youth that is world standard?
  • Adventurous – in content and activities – What makes our Scouting program adventurous in the 21st century?
  • What is an appropriate age range that meets the needs of our members and ensures progression occurs at the right time?
  • Define the characteristics of a dynamic and adventurous award scheme that meets the developmental needs of our members.
  • The role of adults – How do they support the development of our youth members?
  • What resources are required for both youth members & adults to support the new program?

To read the Stage 3 Reports, head to the outcomes page.

Stage Four – Designing Tomorrow

July 2015 – February 2016

This stage of the review is focused on developing an adventurous program that stimulates the development of our youth in each section, and flows as one continuous learning journey from beginning to end – from ages 6 to 26.

Starting with week long camp in July 2015, the five intergenerational teams workshopped, debated, and creatively imagined what a future youth program for Scouts Australia could look like. Their task was to:

  • Consider how to implement the Areas of Personal Growth and Scout Method and the associated themes for the Age Sections
  • The key Symbolic Framework or theme
  • The core activities
  • A developmental leadership model
  • How the program will be adventurous
  • How small groups function and the names of the groups
  • The key names and description of how the section operates
  • The role of adults
  • An outline of the Personal Progression Scheme

After thousands of volunteer hours, these teams collaboratively developed the New Program Concept. This dynamic document outlines answer to all the above questions and summarised into a presentation. Each Branches delivery and communication of this presentation is different, however it involves engagement through workshop discussions, completing surveys, watching informational videos, and learning from other members he content of the New Program Concept.

Once presentations are underway across Australia, and arrangements have been made for rural Scouting communities, the New Program Concept and presentation will be available on the YPR website and open for comment.

Stage 4.5 – Imagining The Possibilities

Consultation on the New Program concepts

October 2016 – April 2017

The opportunity for members to have their say on the New Program Concept! This concept presents a vision for how Scouting might look and feel in the future, and the YPR Coordinating Team want to imagine the possibilities with you, and hear YOUR feedback on it!

The concepts have been developed over the last three years, drawing upon the expertise of the more than 100 volunteers (aged from 13 to over 70!) who have contributed to the project. Many of the elements of the concepts have also been tested in a variety of forums and formats over the time, including online surveys, visits to sections around the country, and displays, workshops and surveys at major events with all age sections. This is the first time to see, and provide feedback on, the whole concept and all of its components together.

None of the concepts have been approved or finalised yet, so this is your opportunity to get your voice heard in the design phase of the new program concept. Following this national consultation period, the concepts will be reviewed and improved based on the feedback received, before being tested in real Scout Groups and refined further.

You can have your voice heard by attending one of the workshops being held around Australia. The workshops are the best format to hear the concepts and be able to interact with others to discuss opinions, and to submit your thoughts. For those who are unable to attend a face-to-face workshop, the materials will be released online in June 2017. After the workshop, you will have also the opportunity to provide further feedback and your in-depth thoughts through an online survey. Find your local Workshop here!

Workshops run for 4 hours and are open to all interested people. They are aimed at older Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, adult volunteers and parents, and we would appreciate your assistance in spreading the word to all of these people. Feedback from the youngest members will be sought through other methods.

The consultation is being run nationally and will close in August 2017.

Stage 5 – Turning Possibilities into Realities

Quarter 3 2017 – Ground Breakers

Ground Breaker, (noun) an original idea, product, or the like that leads to or makes possible further developments, growth, improvements, etc.”

The Ground Breakers of the Youth Program Review are the first Scout Groups to see, feel, experience and define a future youth program for Scouts Australia. The Ground Breakers are a selection of four Scout Groups that are testing, developing, providing feedback on, shaping and evolving the New Program Concepts. This important Stage of the Youth Program Review will provide valuable feedback on the practicalities of the Concepts for Scouting in the future, while helping to shape the implementation of the new youth program for all Scout Groups across Australia.

The Ground Breakers form part of the consultation process on how to improve tomorrow’s Scouting. Using feedback from the New Program Concepts Workshops that are concurrently collecting feedback from around Australia, the Ground Breaker Scout Groups will adapt and experiment before the new Concepts are introduced to Scout Groups around Australia.

Read the FAQ here for more information on the Ground Breakers.

Later 2017

After extensive consultation, trials, revising and reflection, Stage 5 will see the New Program Concepts evolve from concepts to reality. Pending decisions of relevant National Committees, a detailed ‘Program Manual’ is expected to be delivered in late 2017, with distribution to the Scouting community following soon thereafter. This document will incorporate feedback received during the Workshops, and will eventually form a guide for Scouting in the future. It will contain concrete frameworks and procedures that will show how incredible youth led programs are created and implemented effectively using the Scout Method.

Stage 6 – Pioneering The Program

November 2017 – December 2018

Following in the path of the Ground Breakers will be a number of Pioneer Scout Groups. These pioneering Groups involve more Scouts joining the journey of the new youth program, and helping shape Scouting for the future.

Scout Groups in each Branch of Australia are being identified and encouraged to join the adventure of Scouting with a fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive youth program.

Stage 7 – Launch of the new youth program


The Australian Jamboree in 2019 will celebrate the launch of a new youth program for Scouts Australia. At AJ2019, the youth program that will help sustain Scouting for the 21st century and beyond will be shared with Scouts from across Australian and the world. AJ2019 will show Scouts what a new youth program will look, feel and sound like in a fun, interactive, exciting and informative way.

Stage 8 – Implementation of the new youth program

2019 – 2022

Progressive implementation of the new youth program will occur in Scout Groups around Australia.