Ground Breakers start trialling New Program Concepts

by YPR Team on June 14th, 2017

A Ground Breaker (noun): “an original idea, product, or the like that leads to or makes possible further developments, growth,improvements, etc.”

Four Scout Groups are now the first in the country to experience how Scouting could look, feel, and sound with a new youth program. The Scout Groups, all from Victoria, are breaking ground by trialling, experimenting, developing, evolving and providing feedback on the New Program Concepts, contributing to nation wide consultation that is helping to shape the future of Scouting.

Starting from Term 3, 1st Hurstbridge, 1st Maroondah and Heathmont will join 5th/6th Central Moorabbin in trialling the New Program Concepts. At the start of June 2017, members from these Scouts Groups met with the National and Victorian Youth Program Review Teams to be inducted as Ground Breaker Scout Groups. The Induction Weekend was an exciting opportunity to update the Ground Breakers on developments that have been made since they participated in a New Program Concepts Workshop (content of this Workshop has remained nationally consistent since November 2016), and to learn how the Concepts can be introduced to youth members in an engaging way.

Over the course of a term, these Scout Groups will progressively introduce Concepts that will help sustain and grow Scouting in the 21st Century. These Concepts have been developed from Stages 3 and 4 of the Youth Program Review, and include the following:

  • Plan > Do > Review >
  • Challenge Areas
  • Program Essentials
  • Personal Progression Framework
  • Youth Leading, Adults Supporting
  • Symbolic Frameworks
  • Outdoor Adventure Skills
  • Project Patrols
  • Personal Journey resources
  • Internal Compass

This important Stage of the Youth Program Review will provide valuable feedback on the practicalities of the concepts for Scouting, while helping to shape the implementation of the new youth program for all Scout Groups across Australia. The feedback received from the Ground Breakers will be combined with the feedback received from Workshops to refine and modify the proposed program before a broader trial called Pioneers commences from November 2017.

More information on the Ground Breakers can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions.

View Photos of the Ground Breaker Induction Weekend Below

9 thoughts on “Ground Breakers start trialling New Program Concepts”

  • Ted Pitfield

    Are the Ground Breakers all Metropolitan Groups.

    And if so, Why.

    • margaret flecker

      I also note that the groups are Metropolitan and Victorian. Ted I can understand your query as I have personal experience in currently running 2 sections – one in suburban and one with a mix of acreage and urban. There is a huge difference in the two groups.The suburban group readily support outings- weekend and night. The other group in the acreage&urban rarely support any outing no matter whether it is tree planting, hike, theatre, beach afternoon with free sausage sizzle . This apathy was highlighted when there was a lovely&easy tree planting including free face painting, free tree, free drink and sausage….exactly 0 turned up from the local acreage urban group 20 turned up from distant suburban group. Same leader, same notices and same notification time frame. Any new leader in this acreage group would soon be discouraged. Yes the youth and adults- leaders & parents are asked for program input before each term.

    • Steve Tyas

      Hello Ted and Margaret,

      We realise we probably haven’t explained our plan in quite enough detail. Your question is a good one!

      There is two groups of program trial Groups being organised.

      The “Groundbreakers” trial group of Scout Groups are our initial trials that have agreed to give it a go in a way that they can be supported closely by the national and Victorian YPR teams. As they are the very first to trial the program, we needed to keep it to just a small handful of willing groups, in locations that we could provide strong, local support. They are helping us to see what does and doesn’t work in actual practice.

      This is a critical step before we roll out the trials to a broader range of Scout Groups in 2018. The “Pioneers” group of Scout Groups will be invited to participate from a range of locations, metropolitan and regional, big and small Groups. We won’t be able to offer them as close support as the Groundbreakers Groups, obviously, which is why we want to do a small-scale test first.

      We have organised things in such a way that youth members won’t be disadvantaged in their award schemes by the trials.

      I hope that makes sense. You might be interested in being a Pioneer Group – email if you’d like to!



  • Phil Donald

    Looking forward to seeing how the sections will operate in the years to come. A bit more in depth detail would be welcome in these updates.

  • Brittany Correa

    Oh, rats. I was hoping to hear of actual trial results.

  • Phil Statham

    Palm Beach Qld is already deep in the new programme model – youth led, adventure based, plan/do/review. We wish the Victorian Groups well with their endeavours!! We have almost doubled our numbers this year alone, and are moving to second nights in two Sections. Scouts do a camp per month, even through winter.

  • Sarah Boyd

    Really exciting to see all the hard work from the YPR team )and the many scout volunteers that have contributed) finally coming to fruition!! Looking forward to hearing how it goes 🙂

  • Lesley

    Disappointed that the trial is only in Victoria. Big difference about how Scouting operates in Victoria (many unofficial badges worn on uniform for example) and the other states, as well as the difference in size of Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. The logistics of putting some aspects of the proposed program into place, particularly in rural areas is something that I don’t think has been considered. It will be interesting to see how Scouts in the NT will be able to put the “Alpine” idea into practice without it costing an arm and a leg.

  • Charmane

    I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome and how the sections will operate in the coming years.

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