YPR Socialising Concepts at The Moot

by YPR Team on January 8th, 2017

Members of the YPR team and the National Team have spent the last week sharing New Program Concepts with participants and staff at The Moot 2017. In the main social space of The Moot, the YPR tent provided an opportunity to engage with participants and consult on ideas that could form the future of Scouting in Australia.

At Mafeking Rover Park, Victoria, the YPR tent was a hive of activity and discussion, with focus groups being held in spas while free slushies were provided to cool off in the hot, dry weather. If participants were not after a spa, they were free to relax under the umbrellas on the beach to build creative sandcastles. Short videos explaining key ideas played on big screens around the tent showing concepts such as Plan > Do > Review >, the Section Journey, New Program Concepts, and videos from community organisations on mental health and youth empowerment.

Surrounding this excitement of activity was a series of information boards, outlining the New Program Concepts. Topics on display were:

  • Symbolic Framework in the Rover Scout section and other Scouting sections
  • Utilising a revised Patrol System
  • Exploring how leadership opportunities will be explored and strengthen for all youth members
  • How, why, and when to Plan > Do > Review >
  • Spirituality in the youth program
  • An exciting new personal progression scheme that will challenge and extend Scouts
  • Using Challenge Areas to ensure a balanced and varied program

Didn’t have a chance to visit the YPR tent at The Moot? No stress, as all information that was displayed and discussed is shared in the New Program Concepts Workshops that have begun rolling out across the country. Look for one near you soon!


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