New Program Concept Workshops now in every Branch!

by YPR Team on April 10th, 2017

So far, over 2000 youth and adult Scouts have participated in a New Program Concepts Workshop and provided their input to help shape the future of Australian Scouting!

New Program Concept Workshops are now being run in every State and Territory of Australia. There’s been a combined total of 83 Workshops held in metro and regional locations giving our members the opportunity to hear how Scouting could look and feel in a few years time. If you haven’t attended one yet, head to the YPR website to find a location near you! There are many more Workshops being planned for around the country in the coming weeks, with online consultation coming soon for those rural and remote communities.

Have you had a chance to attend a New Program Concepts Workshop yet? What did you find most interesting about the Concepts presented?

3 thoughts on “New Program Concept Workshops now in every Branch!”

  • Julian Yates

    I attended one in Canberra; well worth going to and important that people understand the good and the bad that’s being proposed. Some useful things on outdoor skills, but some ideas on changing section names, the award scheme and stopping adults being called leaders will cause adverse outcomes; too much change for change’s sake and little support that the changes will address the issues affecting recruiting and retaining both young people and adults. The YPR team need to be made aware of line leader views on this. On a positive note, my feedback to he YPR team after the workshop has resulted in great engagement with Steve Tyas: while I don’t agree with all that he has to say, his willingness to engage in debate is to be commended.

  • Leanne Evans

    I haven’t attended a workshop but have been given an overall feedback of the presentation.

    I believe the foundations and morals of scouting need to remain in the current structure. We need to get some more young leaders on board. This I think is lacking because we went through a time were scouting wasn’t “hip”.

    You mention decline in membership many things have changed in society. Parents more and more expect their children to be dropped off and become miracle angels in an hour or two each week. It is not going to happen.

    Other changes in society include the way AFL is shoved down everyone’s neck. If kids don’t participate in AFL they are total outcasts. That wasn’t so much of an issue in the 1990’s.

    The Queens Scout award, scouting medallion, and Grey wolf are very prestigious awards to achieve and should remain so.

    I would strongly oppose any change just for the sake of change. Especially to loose all the tradition and history associated with the organisation.

    If there is scope to attract more young leaders with keen enthiasism and drive that will bring greater benefits than just changing the entire process.

  • Dave Bromage

    I was unable to attend the workshop, I have read through the book that was handed out and spoke to a number of people that attended the workshop. I am willing to attend a workshop.

    I can’t say that I’m in favour for the wholesale changes being suggested, with little to no, consultation with the youth that its suggested to target. I’m not in favour of the same badge system being recommended by the review, part of the enjoyment of the next section is learning a new way of being involved in scouting.
    I think scouting is doing well our target market is the same as all other originations targeting youth sporting clubs, AFL, Soccer, Rugby, Athletic clubs, Dancing, ballet. And the kids trying to spend time with mums and dad in split families. With all the competition for the same talent and we don’t spend as much as some of the larger sporting codes that are also trying to recruit.

    In Victoria Scouts is growing our scout group is bursting with 38 scouts and a waiting list. It aint broke, let’s not fumble it up!

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