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Since the adoption of the new Australian Scout Promise and Law in July, Scouts from around the country have been exploring their understanding of the Promise and Law’s application in their life. It’s been exciting to see many Scouts making or reaffirming their Promise that incorporates the needs and thoughts of the next generation of Australians. While at the same time, a new Australian Scout Law has provided opportunity for members to review and apply the concepts of “Be Respectful, Do What is Right and Believe in Myself.”

To assist with the understanding and implementation of the Promise and Law, Scouts Australia are excited to release a series of resources for Scouts and their adult supporters. We’ve developed a suite of resources that help to facilitate discussions on the Promise and Law; understanding the new Internal Compass spiritual development tool, and programming ideas incorporating the new Promise and Law. There’s also an extensive Frequently Asked Questions that’ll help to answer any questions you or your section may have.

Your Group will also receive a large poster version of the new Australian Scout Promise and Law to place in the Scout Hall.

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Prior to the adoption of the new Promise and Law, the Youth Program Review’s intergenerational teams undertook significant research and discussion with our members and community on the use, meaning, and importance of the Promise and Law.

From the exploration of this topic, the Youth Program Review are pleased to publicly release “Recommendation Report: Australian Scout Promise and Law.” Take a read here.