Preparing for the Pioneers of the New Youth Program

by YPR Team on December 6th, 2017

One hundred Scouts (both adults and youth) are now empowered, ready to begin training and supporting members of Pioneer Scout Groups on their adventure into the new youth program. During an action-packed November weekend, Scouts representing most Branches of Australia met in Victoria to learn about, and plan for the exciting arrival of the next stage of the development of the new youth program. This significant occasion marks a new phase of the Youth Program Review – where selected Scout Groups around Australia, the Pioneers, expand the trial of the new Scouts Australia Youth Program.

The weekend dedicated to the Pioneer Trainers focussed on building their skills and knowledge to empower them with the ability to introduce the new youth program to Pioneer Scout Groups in their Branch. The diverse skills and backgrounds of the Pioneer Trainers, ranging from youth members to experienced adults, enabled great collaboration which helped ensure the new youth program will be a positive experience for all.

During the weekend, youth and adult members from Ground Breaker Scout Groups, the Scout Groups that have been trialling the new youth program during 2017, were on hand to share their experiences, challenges and perspectives.

Since the weekend, many Branches have furthered their preparations for selecting, training and supporting Pioneer Scout Groups so that they are ready to begin their adventure in early 2018. A number of Branches are now looking for enthusiastic motivators and creative problem solvers to support the new youth program as a Pioneer Program Mentor. Watch out in your Branch communications for further opportunities to be involved.

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