Plan > Do > Review >

Plan > Do > Review > – means better activities, more fun, and your section or small team gets to choose and get involved in organising its own adventures. It helps ensure everyone has a fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive time in Scouting.

All scouts should be using Plan > Do > Review > – start today!

Plan > Do > Review > can be used in all sections of the program.

The role of youth in leading, and adults in supporting this process will look a bit different from section to section; remember it is about involving youth meaningfully in the whole process. The examples here are geared towards the current Scout section.


 Plan > Do > Review >

When can you use Plan > Do > Review >?

  • Troop Council meeting
  • Camps and major events
  • Organising the Q-store
  • Running games and activities
  • Weekly meetings
  • Developing your medium and long term programs
  • Plan > Do > Review > everywhere
  • Fundraising activities

Who can use Plan > Do > Review >?

Who Can PDR

Who can Review?

Who Can Review

When and how do we Review?

  • After any adventure or activity no matter how big or small.
  • Informally at the end of a meeting just before closing for no more than 2 minutes.
  • During section council meetings.
  • On the drive home from an activity.
  • During small team discussions.
  • At a café or any other special review meeting location.
  • Via text or online.


  • In addition to mentoring scouts to use Plan > Do > Review >, adults are also doing their own Plan > Do > Review >, focused on facilitating a balanced program for your section.
  • Adult leaders keep in mind both long and short term plans when working with the section council to achieve their goals.
  • Plan > Do > Review > provides new roles, responsibilities and challenges for adults too!