The Review

This is a challenging and exciting adventure that must engage the opinions of both Scouting and the wider community. We will need to take risks, look wide, determine our key markets and be bold in the decisions that we make. We promote to the community an image of adventure and fun but is that how we are perceived by the wider community today?

To achieve success this review must be adventurous in both its approach and the final outcomes.

Did You Know?

  • Today Scouts Australia has 52,000 youth members.
  • In 1990 our youth membership was 93,000.
  • In 1979 our youth membership was 114,500 (this was before the introduction of girls in the younger sections and Joey Scouts).
  • In 1979 our total membership was 166,000.
  • Today, the population of Australia is 23 million, in 1979 it was 14 million.
  • Currently UK Scouting has a waiting list of 37,000 young people hoping to join Scouting.
  • Scouting in Ireland, New Zealand and Canada are reviewing or have recently reviewed their youth program.
  • In 2012 we recruited 19,105 youth members but we lost 18,858 youth members

YPR Youth Membership Infographic

What are some of the confronting issues?

  • Our award scheme needs refining to be developmental across all sections.
  • Other organisations have copied and built on our core business.
  • We lose youth members at the end of each section.
  • Our Method and Areas of Personal Growth (the core of what we do) lack depth and understanding across the country.
  • Who is our target audience? Do we understand the needs of our target audience?
  • Similar NSOs have moved to alternate delivery of their programs to achieve improved outcomes.
  • We do well to recruit new members but have poor retention success.
  • By adapting the programs in each section we have lost the concept of one program, 6 – 25 years of age.
  • Youth members have a limited lifespan in Scouting; at what age group is it best to focus our energies?
  • The YPR will certainly be adventurous!
  • This is a multifaceted review.
  • Our approach must be diverse, flexible and engage a variety of different individuals, groups and the wider community.
  • The review will need to listen and respond to all stakeholders and be willing to be adventurous, to ensure we create a vision and then a plan that builds a 21st century program, retains members and creates a positive community image.
  • Most importantly, it is a review of our youth program. Therefore, the key stakeholders in the review must be youth members.
  • Flexibility will be a key component of the review. The learning along the journey will provide a variety of challenges and present new thinking. It will be important that the procedures used are flexible to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Many aspects of the review will be completed simultaneously.