Scouting Globally

The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) sets clear expectations for the program that its National Scout Organisations (NSOs) run, and the training their adults receive.

The educational method (the Scout Method), in conjunction with the Vision, Mission, Aims and Values, is what guides the development of the youth program in each NSO. The World Bureau provides a range of resources to support NSOs to develop good quality programs.

Two important documents from WOSM that are guiding the YPR are:

Some other documents which will influence our review are:

Other National Scout Organisation Reviews

Many National Scout Organisations have both reviewed their programs in recent years, following the same WOSM (World Organization of the Scout Movement) document we are – the Renewed Approach to Program (RAP). This document lays out steps for how to review the program and some of the areas you need to think about it, but it doesn’t provide the answers – we need to decide what young people in contemporary Australia need and what will work for Scouts Australia. We’re looking to these NSO’s for inspiration and support on the journey ahead. If they have fantastic ideas that are the best thing for us too then there’s no point reinventing the wheel, but we’re also not going to just take their ideas and implement them straight away.

Scouts Australia | Scouts Canada | Scouting Ireland | Scouts UK | Belgium

Scouts Australia

Here’s the final reports from some of our past youth section reviews!

Scouts Canada – Scouting Now

In 2009, Scouts Canada began a review of its program in order to revitalise Scouting across the country. These links provide information that perhaps Scouts Australia could learn from.

Here’s some interesting Scouts Canada revitalization documents:

March 2014

Some of the elements that are emphasised:

  1. ONE award scheme, developmental throughout the sections
  2. Youth Led – “Leaders” are not adults in Scouting
  3. Adventure oriented
  4. Plan, Do, Review – process always in place when engaging in activities – adults and youth alike
  5. S.P.I.C.E.S – the Areas of Personal Growth are central
  6. The Scout Method is still critical

Canadian Path Scouter Manual

After a considerable journey, the Canadian Path Scouter Manual has been released! For observers in Australia, this document outlines the Canadian Path program, with content pertaining to all Sections, from Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts.

Scouts Australia are closely following the progress of the the Canadian Path and sharing ideas to assist in the development of 21st century youth programs.

Read the Canadian Path Scout Manual here. To follow the journey, head to the Canadian Path website.

Scouting Ireland – One Programme

Scouting Ireland has just completed a huge programme of renewal and redevelopment over the past 5-6 years. This has taken the ideals, principles and traditions of Scouting and made them into a practical Scouting that is also appealing and exciting for the young people of today.

Scouts UK – Be Prepared…

The UK Scouts have done a whole pile of work to grow their organisation and develop their youth program to be a dynamic, modern, and expanding movement. Bear Grylls is only part of their success! Here’s some resources and links that might inform our own review: