Scouts at AJ2016 compile reports on a number of YPR topics

by YPR Team on May 11th, 2016

What’s the opinion of Scouts about Scouts and other key community issues?

During AJ2016, Scouts completed 22 different surveys, participated in focus groups and over 4 nights, over 80 scouts participated in mashUp sessions to summarise all of the key data collected and make appropriate recommendations. The mashUp sessions were intergenerational with leaders joining the Scouts to add their opinion to the discussion. A number of topics were linked to the Youth Program Review.
scouts AJ2016

Report topics included:

  • Leadership Teams
  • Diversity in Scouting
  • Future Jamborees
  • Resourcing Plan> Do> Review>
  • Small Teams
  • Programming
  • Award Schemes

Feedback and recommendations included:

  • The need for a youth website for resourcing and the provision of online resources for youth members.
  • The stigma around Scouting needs to be destroyed, for more people to join. The YPR changes will need to be marketed and advertised to the public.
  • Increased youth decision making at major events.
  • One collective noun should be used to decide the group as a whole across all sections – with‘troop’ as the preferred option.
  • The implementation of flexible patrols depending on the activity or task.
  • Ceremonies should be youth involved and youth led.
  • Recognition of traditional land owners be included in ceremonies.

Click the below reports to read the youth written reports. Apart from minor spelling and formatting changes, these reports reflect the views and language of current Scouts.

mashUp Report: Ceremonies

mashUp Report: Small Teams

mashUp Report: Youth and Adults

mashUp Report: Current Award Scheme

mashUp Report: Future Jamborees

mashUp Report: Programming

mashUp Report: National Leadership Course

mashUp Report: Other Half of Award Scheme

mashUp Report: Resourcing P>D>R>

mashUp Report: Challenge Areas

mashUp Report: Diversity in Scouting

mashUp Report: Leadership and Teamwork

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