Shaping the Future of Australian Scouting

by YPR Team on October 9th, 2017

Since November 2016, New Program Concept Workshops were conducted around the country. In July 2017, a condensed, online version of the Workshop was released which allowed members to hear and review the Concepts without attending a physical Workshop.

Scouts Australia wish to thank all members that actively participated in these Workshops and provided their feedback, thoughts, comments and suggestions. It has been incredibly helpful to read through all of the feedback and comments, and we look forward to sharing further developments.

These Workshops, which were attended by thousands of youth members, adult supporters, parents and community members, covered many aspects of the Concepts for the new youth program. We hope that you were able to attend a Workshop to contribute to the ongoing discussion on the future of Scouting in Australia.

For some early statistical insight:

  • Some of the topics that received most comments from Workshop participants were on Outdoor Adventure Skills, the Symbolic Framework concepts, and the Patrol System.
  • 1103 Workshop participants provided further comments and feedback via an online survey on the New Program Concepts.
  • Responses from thousands of Workshop participants have been received.
  • The largest group of Workshop participants were Cub Leaders (27% of attendees) and Scout Leaders (23% of attendees).
  • The largest group of youth members were Rover Scouts (9.5% of attendees), follwed by Venturer Scouts (3% of attendees) and Scouts (2.5% of attendees).
  • Workshops were made up of at least 10% youth members.
  • The states with the largest attendance were New South Wales (32%), followed by Victoria (31%), Queensland (17%), South Australia (8%), Western Australia (6%), Tasmania (4%) and then the remainder made up by Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory.
  • Only 60% of the people that attended Workshops lived in major cities. The remainder were split evenly between regional centres and country areas.

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