The Adventure Has Begun

by YPR Team on February 28th, 2018

In 2018, as The Adventure Begins, we challenge you to embed key elements of Scouting in your regular program. It’s time to rejuvenate the way we deliver Scouting, and ensure our programs are true to Scouting’s core values. Are you ready for this adventure?

The Adventure Begins is a Section-based challenge. It is the responsibility of the Section Council to guide their Section through this adventure. For each element there is a series of targets for the Section to achieve. For each element successfully completed there is a special scarf ring. More details about the topics included and the challenges involved can be found here. Links to each of the topics and the complete resource pack can be found below.

Once the Section Council tick off the targets for an element, the entire Section is awarded the relevant scarf ring. Challenge the other Section Councils in your Group to be first to finish all the rings of The Adventure Begins! You will find the checklist for your Section Councils here.

To support you on the adventure, checkout the toolkit of resources now available at

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