theCrate@AJ2016 Gathers Insightful Feedback for Youth Program Review

by YPR Team on May 13th, 2016

Unpacking Scouting for our members was the purpose of theCrate at the 24th Australian Jamboree. Over 12,000 Scouts and leaders participated in the event and another 10,000 visitors experienced Jamboree life and theCrate on ‘Super Saturday’. theCrate was a hub of excitement in the mall where members could ‘imagine the possibilities’ on a wide variety of topics, issues and the future of Scouting.

the crate
theCrate consisted of:

  • 1400 milk crates
  • 100 metres of rope lights
  • 13 television monitors
  • 21 flags
  • 60 display boards
  • 12 videos
  • 23 volunteers

It provided an opportunity for youth and adult members to learn about future Scouting and to alsohave a say in the direction of their organisation.

The YPR Stage 4 story was explained to Scouts via infographic boards, videos and discussions with the theCrate team. Surveys were completed on a variety of topics and Scouts could vote on preferred options.

Key themes included:

  • Personal progression schemes
  • Plan> Do> Review>
  • Youth Leading, Adults Supporting
  • Outdoor Adventure Skills
  • Promise & Law
  • Age ranges
  • Small team system
  • Role of Adults
  • Scout Method
  • Scouting Principles and Fundamentals
  • Section journey
  • Group life
  • Symbolic framework

theCrate minis

Spruiking theCrate and promoting fun and adventure, highly decorated golf buggies roamed the campsite encouraging Scouts to complete surveys, visit theCrate, and engage in activities. The team distributed 10,000 business cards promoting key themes, beyondblue resources and 3,000 ice blocks.

Youth Engagement
Through a team activity, Scouts were introduced to Hart’s Youth Engagement Ladder and were challenged to determine the level of youth involvement in the running of their troop. Many then signed a commitment to ensure their troop will be youth led.

Watch a selection of theCrate daily videos on Youtube!

theCrate@AJ2016: Day 1

theCrate@AJ2016: Day 2

theCrate@AJ2016: Day 3

theCrate@AJ2016: Day 4

theCrate@AJ2016: Day 5 & 6

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