Participate in a Workshop

  • What will the future Scouts Australia youth program look like?
  • What do we need to do to grow Scouting in Australia?
  • What does the Australian community want from Scouting?
  • What should Scouting in Australia look like in the 2020s and beyond?
  • How can we ensure the Australian Scouting program is fun, adventurous, challenging and inclusive?
  • How can we be better at meeting the Purpose of Scouting?

It’s time for you to have your say on the New Program Concepts, created in the Youth Program Review (YPR). This concept presents a vision for how Scouting might look and feel in the future, and the YPR Coordinating Team want to hear YOUR feedback on it!

The concepts have been developed over the last three years, drawing upon the expertise of the more than 100 volunteers (aged from 13 to over 70!) who have contributed to the project. Many of the elements of the Concepts have also been tested in a variety of forums and formats over the time, including online surveys, visits to Sections around the country, and displays, workshops and surveys at major events with all age sections. This is the first time to see, and provide feedback on, the whole Concept and all of its components together.

None of the Concepts have been approved or finalised yet, so this is your opportunity to get your voice heard in the design phase of the New Program Concepts. Following this national consultation period, the Concepts will be reviewed and improved based on the feedback received, while being tested in real Scout Groups and refined further.

How Do I Contribute to the Conversation?

From November 2016, Workshops have been running around Australia, engaging participants in discussion to challenge thinking and sharing of ideas. More recently, an online workshop has become available to condense the four hour Workshop into a more accessible three step process. The online consultation materials provides opportunity for regional and rural Scouting communities to be involved in the conversation helping to shape the future of Scouting.

Workshops may still be ran on an “on demand” basis. If you would like a YPR Workshop Facilitator to visit your Scouting community, please contact your National Youth Program Team Member for your Branch here.

Step 1 - Watch The Video

Step 2 - Download and Consider the New Program Concepts Manual

Download, read, consider, and think about the Concepts detailed in the New Program Concepts Manual.

Download here.

Step 3 - Complete the Online Survey

After watching the video, and considering the Concepts detailed in the New Program Concepts Manual, please take some time to complete the survey. When completing, select “I have attended a Workshop”.

Complete Survey Here

What Will Happen With The Feedback?

After extensive consultation, revising and reflection from Stage 4.5, Stage 5 will see the New Program Concept evolve from concepts to reality. Pending decisions of relevant National Committees, a detailed ‘Program Manual’ is expected to be produced. This document will incorporate feedback received during the workshops and Scout Group Trials, and will eventually form a guide for Scouting in the future. It will contain concrete frameworks and procedures that will show how incredible youth led programs are created and implemented effectively using the Scout Method.

Testing our Concepts is a number of Scout Groups who will experiment and provide feedback.